Check out the link to the documentary film of a previous sitting on Insheer by clicking on the bellow photograph.

Maeve and Pauline

Image taken by Deirdre Power from A Midnight Court Sitting, workshop on Inishere

Documentary film of A Midnight Court Sitting: Insheer

that emerged on the island of Inis Oírr on the 3rd of May 2015. The hearing involved a reworking of the great literary and comic Aisling poem by the same name, written by Brian Merriman in the 18th century. This alternative Court Session engaged with the poems lack of regard for stereotypes and it’s irreverent yet none offensive tone. Attendees of the night’s court were summoned witnesses from Inis Oírr and visitors to the island. Witnesses were given an opportunity to experience the tension between the genders through speaking the lines of the poem from the position of the opposite gender, through witnessing the arguments and dressing up carnival style. An earthy conversation between genders on relations followed through a round of humorous personal testimony call and response spoken word and singing, using the words from the Sean ós, Óra Mhile Grá as a refrain. Laughter became a liberating force as the genders joined together through the bawdy humour generated in the nights proceedings.