Liquid GoldThis project is exploring the aesthetics of Breast-feeding as a culture. There is an art to this most personal act of hospitality, it is hard to describe and yet we will endeavour to somehow capture these moments through art making.

Breastfeeding mothers are invited to participate in a series of art dialogues on breastfeeding. These are artist lead and simple for mums that have their hands full to take part in (and you don’t have to be able to draw). Offered as small happenings in peoples own homes, local cafes if you need the encouragement to get out or a breastfeeding partner in public places. Events will take place between March and September.

There is a culture of mutuality created between baby and mother in this incredible act of hospitality. This is often palatable in moments at breastfeeding groups. In these we will set things up using artist equipment and endeavor to capture these elusive moments.

These knowledge sharing events aim to gather together the collective experience of breast-feeding pairs and form a visual accompaniment to often dry research. Visual works created through the project will be placed in Limerick Maternity Hospital (LMH) for National Breastfeeding week in October 2022. Presented to an audience of (New) mothers, their families, healthcare professionals and Hospital Staff alike. They may also act as a memory of this unique journey for participants.

If you are curious about breastfeeding, the project or are or have experience of breast-feeding and would like to take part please contact: maevehybrasil [at]