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spring h2o

spring h2

collecting spring water, that has never been seen by the light of day… Untill NOW that is… I am following local and translocal knowlegde of how to make essences to explore the nature of things, potentials, in this case the woods. This process of working from the dark with the water, seems to have much in common with the contemporary climate we are living in… coming out of the dark. Sinking into the apparent lack, the potential could be revealed. There is so much, not touching, not disturbing, not contaminating in the journey to reveal the final essence.. and yet in another way, left undisturbed this water found it’s way to the surface its self.


elder flower and camera

What is an essence? The still point within chaos? What is chaos, in  the chineese language it is made up of two symbols- danger and oppertunity. The grace of perfect danger… I found an elder flower suspended as if in mid air, trying to take a photo of this miniscule flower, it kept eluding me, and the outcome, a series of blurred images. Evading the focused shot, it seemed to hold itself in another space, that required another kind of intimacy. It was a game: positions were exchanged, I was it, it was it, I overtook it, it side steped me at the last moment… is it only elusive because I’m trying to catch it?