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Entering Other Territories

Maeve Collins with others…

Entering Other Territories exhibition

A Socially engaged art exhibition and public programme, through an encounter with other spheres of life.

Courthouse Gallery 7th-28th Oct 2016

Entering Other Territories is a month long project including an evolving exhibition, workspace, and Public Engagement Programme (see Public Programme list of activities below), created by Maeve Collins and a collection of creatives. The main theme addressed during the project will be the interweaving of art with other spheres of life. Art is entering other territories, moving from the art gallery into areas such as the judicial system, social choreography, experiments with trees, or bread making as a way to explore the folding of time.

We kick off with an Opening Night Market, (7th Oct at 8pm)  to officially launch the exhibition and to create a dynamic and interactive space for people to purchase local (art) products from community practitioners, in the company of musicians who trade through diverse forms of transaction, facilitating conversations about art and economics. It promises to be an opening night to remember and a fun way to kick off the community orientated public programme, which will be a vital component throughout.

For the duration of the project, the Courthouse Gallery will function as an information hub on Maeve’s socially engaged art practice. The exhibition will develop over time, reaching its ultimate form on the closing date.  Work will take the form of physical material works such as drawing, embroidery, sculpture and photo works, presentations, participatory performance, workshops, and field activities, inviting both the general public and community of interest groups already established or found.  Other functions that the gallery space will take on include: an open studio, a sound and dance space, Courthouse (again) and a relaxation zone. Ennistymon is at the centre of a rural catchment area with a high coefficient of art, and the project will report on, curate and collaborate with other social practitioners in the area, shifting the centre of gravity from the work of art to reports from other fields of life.
One of the key questions raised through the length of the project is around the capacity of the artist, in a world where individual’s obligations to the community are being redefined and new global challenges arise. We will examine the status of the artist today, when persons dabbling in this sort of ‘post-art’ (Wright) are redefining the role and position of the artist. Must the work of artists be materialized in the tangible form of works of art? What role can be performed by the gallery when art is gravitating toward non-artistic circles, and, in so doing, as Stephen Wright says “loses the characteristics that have previously defined it as art?”

Entering Other Territories,

Exhibition and Public Programme

Maeve Collins with others in The Courthouse Gallery 


bat walk, bat talk, bat boxes, bat images

Opening Night MARKET

A conversation about economics

7th Oct 2016 Fri. 8pm.

 Official Opening of Entering Other Territories - Featuring local (art) produce, food, drink and music in a Night Market. Rural, community and local practitioners, farmers, Men’s shed, foodie culture, natural health producers, musicians operating in different kinds of economies will join Maeve Collins to create a Night Market for you to participate and purchase in as a way of having a conversation about art and economics.


Sound Workshops

8th Oct 2016 16 Saturday and 14thOct 1206 Friday, both 10am-12 noon.

Jans Schuurmans’ presents a sound journey exploring listening and experiencing sounds of our environment’s including our own environment. Finding a different connection with ourselves will also be investigated as well as maintaining that in our environment. As numbers are limited please contact Jans to book your place, 087 6369176. Investments by donation.


Bat walk, bat talk, bat art and bat boxes

12th Oct 2016 Weds 8pm, meeting at The Courthouse Gallery

Weather dependent event with David Lyons from The National Parks, Ennistymon Men’s shed and Maeve Collins. Children are warmly welcome with a parent or guardian. Wear warm clothing and sturdy footwear. Bring a torch and a bat detector if you have one. Free.


Songs for Entering Other Territories

19th Oct 2016 Weds, meeting 8pm at the Courthouse Gallery

Songs for Entering Other Territories, is a negotiation of territory through walking, singing, poetry, spoken word, listening, sharing of experiences, facts, reflections, objects, comedy, stories. On: love, encountering, finding the (right) notes for, departing, arriving, moving through, entering other territories and the like. Taking in some of the terrain of Ennistymon we will begin our walk at the Courthouse Gallery, entering other territories before arriving at Ginger Lou’s to join the open mic session. All are welcome to participate and the outcome will be determined by what you choose to bring along and share/ listen to on the night. Contact Maeve for more information 087 9280550.


Participle Notes II

21st Oct 2016 Friday, 10 am until 5 pm.

This one day event is a celebration of socially engaged arts practices, which could be described broadly as art practices which can be embedded in broad social goals, networks and cultural practices, which may involve an engagement with communities of place or interest and a sharing of ‘expert’ and ‘lay’ knowledge. Fold and Rise, (Maeve Collins and Julie Griffiths) the on going durational project that featured as part of Culture Night in Ennistymon will join other socially engaged art practitioners for a day of workshops, games, presentations, investigations, conversations, reading groups, tea parties and Community Soup Making. Drop in/out at any time, bring a vegetable to transform, share and eat. Free with light refreshments provided.


 Kicking The Bucket Project

(A creative and thought- provoking workshop on funeral practices and personal choices)

27th Oct, 2016 Thursday11am- 2pm.

“A free man thinks of nothing less than death but his duty is to meditate on life”  (Spinoza) Initiated in February 2016 in Limerick, by Katie Verling and Sinead Dinneen, based on their own experiences with cancer, this is a collaborative project which seeks to open a creative space for conversations, stories about death and funeral practices. A presentation on the project and a workshop, led by artists, Sinead Dinneen and Pauline Goggin will take place as part of Entering Other Territories, all materials will be supplied. People generally tend to shy away from these topics but you are encouraged to come along, with an open mind and heart and to be prepared for smiles!     Suggested donation: €10.


Closed activities and conversations include: workshops with Jans Schuurmans and Fetac 5 and 6 students, Murmurs hat and mask making with Ennistymon Vocational School, Biota- Maeve Collins and Natural Health Practitioners meeting on aesthetics and ethics of tree essences, meeting of the GUAC.