bat image taken on a bat walk, as the bat feeds on insects at night, in this case over the river. Enquiry into Bats gives another perspective into many human/nature questions, giving information on boundaries lines between rural and build environments. Cutting back headges in localities diminishes bat populations- these trees being a source of the insects bats eat. Bats have given themselves choice- a female will store and later inseminate herself based on how strong she feels after a winder of hypernation. My enquiry into their more hidden potential is based on their terrific sonar- which we can not hear and which they use to eco-locate to capture their food. The complexity of how we can listen to this species, currently comes from slowing down the frequency of the sound, which is as lould as a jet engine, and simultaneously neing too lould for us to hear. The effort and the non effort of listening, of somehow meeting bat calls at the boundary of our perception of hearing is leading me currently down the path of sound recourdings, more bat walks and a play with the capabilities of sound engineering that are not useful but somehow to me necessary to know.